dipure® Cat Urine Cleaner and Odor Neutralizer with Microorganisms - Bio Urin Attacke 500 ml spray-bottle

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Removing cat urine is also possible without frustration and lasting odors. Bio Urine Attack with microorganisms helps to remove cat urine and neutralize the odor-forming molecules.

The proven odor remover and special cleaner for removing cat urine and cat urine odor.

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  • Very economical
  • Specially developed to clean cat urine and remove cat urine odor
  • With long-term effect
  • Not subject to labeling according to EU directives
  • Purely biological
  • pH neutral
  • Safe for you and your pet
  • Does not stain.

    Areas of application

  • Carpets and carpeting
  • Stone and stone floors
  • Wooden floorboards, laminate, parquet, cork floors
  • Furniture like
    • Couch furniture
    • Armchair
    • Pillows and upholstery
    • Mattresses and bedding
  • Clothes
  • plaster, concrete, tiles, etc.

The proven cat urine remover from Germany. Cleaner and odor remover (odor killer) in one, with microorganisms.

The easy way to get rid of cat urine odor.

Especially for cleaning cat urine and neutralizing the resulting odors.

Specially designed for cleaning cat urine

Once the couch or upholstery has been peed on, it can take weeks or even months before the penetrating smell of cat urine subsides. Now there is finally a clean, biological and, above all, harmless method. dipure® Bio Urin Attacke is neither toxic nor an irritant.

Treated areas become odorless again or regain their original smell.

Typical causes of odors are reliably broken down.

Also very effective for late, subsequent use or extreme cases, e. g. Evictions, messy houses.

How to use dipure® Bio Urin Attacke, the odor killer against cat urine

Important: Before use!

If other agents have already been used before using dipure® Bio Urin Attacke, the area should be rinsed thoroughly with water and become dried up. This is especially true if disinfectants have been used.

If the area is still wet from the cat's urine, dry it by pressing on a paper towel. operation with new ones Repeat the wipes until no more moisture is absorbed, i.e. the paper towel after pressing on is dry as before.

Wood and plank floors

Apply dipure® Bio Urin Attacke to the entire stain and leave to work for a few minutes. Soak up excess liquid and let the area dry well.

Sofas and upholstery

Wet the affected area with dipure® Bio Urin Attacke or apply it directly until the stain is well covered. Note dipure® Bio Urin Attacke has to completely enclose the urine in the cushion in order to be effective. You can additionally pressure exercise on the spot to better distribute dipure® Bio Urin Attacke in the upholstery or pillow.

Furniture that has been dirty for a long time and may have been banished to the balcony or the basement get rid of cat urine and smell. Allow dipure® Bio Urin Attacke to take effect a little longer than with fresh stains.

Soak up excess product from the surface with a sponge or cloth. The effect begins immediately and ends with complete drying of the material.

If possible, the area can be cleaned more thoroughly with the help of a wet vacuum cleaner.

Clothes, towels, loose textiles, etc.

Fill lukewarm water (not hot) in a basin or small tub and dipure® Bio Urin Attacke in the ratio of 1 liter Bio Give urine attack to 10 liters of water.

Submerge the affected garment in the water and knead it thoroughly. Then the garment put in the washing machine and wash as usual.

Please only wash very delicate clothing according to the instructions on the clothing label!

Carpets and runners

Drizzle dipure® Bio Urin Attacke onto the affected area until the stain is completely covered and leave on for 15 minutes to let. Soak up excess product with a sponge or cloth. Dry the area well afterwards and then let dry completely. Cleaning can be carried out even more thoroughly with a wet vacuum cleaner.

Guaranteed to be effective against cat urine odor and harmless to health

dipure® Bio Urin Attacke is not only effective, but also harmless to the health of you and your pet. The ones in nature The microorganisms present remove the odor from cat urine. The surfactants contained in the product are biodegradable.

Use the product safely. Detergents protected from children, only in the original container and separately from food keep.

Contains microorganisms. Products with microorganisms must not be combined with strongly acidic, alkaline and disinfectants cleaners, as these destroy the effects of enzymes and microorganisms.

In principle, this product must be checked for compatibility on a hidden area before use. In case of improper handling voids any liability for any damage.

The effect may be limited with leather, brand-new and/or impregnated textiles.

No toxic components or irritants.

Ingredient information according to EC-VO 648/2004: less than 5%: anionic surfactants.
EUH210 Safety data sheet available upon request.
Odours: urine smellfecal smell
: Katzenurin / Tierurin
special features: Pet friendly cleaners
area of application: Matratzen und PolsterKleidung und TextilienHolz (roh)Holz (behandelt)TeppicheEstrich & ZementSteinPet friendly area
Content: 0.50 l
Inhaltsstoffe: Inhaltsstoffangaben gem. EG-VO 648/2004: unter 5%: anionische Tenside
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Bio Urin Attacke
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Bio Urin Attacke

Ich kann die vorangegangenen Bewertungen nur bestätigen. Unser Kater hat wegen einer Harnblasenentzündung in seiner Not sämtliche Kissen und Decken in der Wohnung mit kleinen, stark riechenden Pfützchen versehen. Der intensive Geruch ging durch Waschen nicht weg. Verzweifelt recherchierte ich im Internet und fand da die Bio-Urin-Attacke. Ich bin sehr zufrieden! Nachdem alle Kissen wieder o.k. waren (Wollbezüge) hatte ich zunächst Probleme mit einer Bettdecke, die immernoch stank. Die habe ich dann nochmal richtig kräftig eingesprüht, in eine Mülltüte gesteckt und auf den Balkon gestellt. Nach 2 Tagen roch auch die wieder normal. Sehr empfehlenswert - und vor allem superschnelle Lieferung! Es scheint, als wüßte die Mannschaft von Spezialreiniger24. welch ein Albtraum es ist, wenn es stinkt. DANKE!

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Bei uns war der Beifahrersitz betroffen.

Nach einer Woche Behandlung ist es deutlich besser geworden. Würde mal sagen, Geruchsreduktion um 90%.

Völlig weg ist der Geruch jedoch nicht.

Gutes Produkt
4 from 5
Gutes Produkt

Ich hatte erst meine zweifel da wir auch noch Holzdielenboden haben und viele Produkte versprechen gut zu sein,aber in diesem Fall konnte mich das Produkt überzeugen ich habe es direkt ausprobiert und es funktionierte.Es riecht nix mehr.

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wir haben wirklich schon viele Mittel probiert, ob Empfehlungen vom Tierarzt bis hin zum Katzenschutzbund. Leider hatte bis jetzt kein Mittel das gehalten, was versprochen wurde. Bei diesem Atikel sieht es es nach ein paar Wochen so aus, dass es wirklich funktioniert. Die Katzen haben an den Stellen wo sie vorher markiert haben und wir das Mittel angewendet haben, nicht wieder markiert. Ich will ja nicht den Tag vor dem Abend loben, aber bis jetzt sinde wir mit der Produkt sehr zufrieden. Das einzige wo ich nicht ganz mit zufrieden bin, ist der Preis.den finde ich für 500 ml doch recht hoch.
Viele Grüße

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