Microorganisms & Enzymes

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Looking for an effective cleaning solution without chemicals? Then enzymatic cleaners are just right for you. These cleaning agents are based on enzymes and microorganisms that clean effectively and thoroughly.

Enzymes are natural proteins that break down organic substances, resulting in a thorough cleaning. Effective microorganisms are tiny living things that also play an important role in cleaning. They can completely decompose dirt and odors on their own and some products use them for long-term colonization to, for example, keep pipes clear or break down odors long-term. Together, enzymes and microorganisms form an effective team that thoroughly removes dirt and odors.

If you are looking for a natural cleaning solution and want to clean without chemicals, enzymatic cleaners are the perfect choice. These cleaners are not only effective, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. This way you can clean your home thoroughly without harming the environment.

If you want to buy an enzymatic cleaner, you can choose from a variety of products. Whether for the toilet, kitchen, or bathroom - there are enzymatic cleaners for every need. With our cleaners based on microorganisms and enzymes, you will achieve fast and efficient results in removing dirt, grime, fat, oil, urine, and other stubborn contaminants from surfaces, pipes, drains, toilets, etc. Our microbial cleaning agents leave a pleasant scent for a hygienic and fresh home or business.

With enzymatic cleaners, you can clean without chemicals and still rely on a thorough cleaning. Convince yourself of the advantages of this natural cleaning solution and choose an effective enzymatic cleaner.

Enzyme cleaners and cleaning agents based on microorganisms are an innovative alternative to traditional chemical cleaning agents. These cleaning solutions are effective and sustainable, as they break down dirt and odors in a natural way.

Protect yourself and the environment from harmful chemicals and enjoy an effective cleaning without residues with our enzyme cleaners and probiotic cleaners. Especially suitable for environmentally conscious people who want to do without toxic cleaning agents and cleaning products.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are natural proteins that play an important role in many biological processes. They are able to break down organic substances and thus allow for a thorough cleaning. Enzymes are part of many enzymatic cleaners and contribute to their effectiveness.

What are microorganisms?

Microorganisms are tiny living organisms that can be found in many areas of our environment. Some microorganisms are useful as they play an important role in cleaning and breaking down waste and other organic matter. Effective microorganisms can completely break down dirt and odors on their own and in some products, they are used for long-term settlement to keep pipes clear and break down odors for an extended period of time.

Are microorganisms dangerous?

Microorganisms can be both useful and harmful, depending on the type and quantity. However, only useful microorganisms are used in cleaning, which pose no danger. These are typically referred to as non-pathogenic bacteria, which are not capable of attacking cells of humans and all types of vertebrates or causing health damage in any other form.

What are enzyme cleaners?

Enzyme cleaners are cleaning agents based on enzymes. Enzymes help dissolve stubborn compounds and, for example, remove odors or contaminants. These cleaners are effective and thorough as they break down dirt and odors in a natural way. Enzyme cleaners are an alternative to chemical cleaning agents and offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning solution.

Alternative to chemical cleaning agents

Enzymatic and microbial cleaning agents, also known as eco-cleaners, are a good alternative to chemical cleaning agents. Bio-cleaning agents provide an effective cleaning solution without using chemicals and are therefore more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Clean with enzymatic cleaners to thoroughly clean your home without burdening the environment.

Where can I buy enzyme cleaners?

The best place to buy them is directly from us! We offer a wide range of biological cleaning agents based on enzymes and microorganisms. Our products are sustainable, environmentally friendly and effective, and often contain no chemical ingredients. You can order them directly here in our shop and receive them within a few working days!