dipure® New Fresh Air Odor neutraliser with microorganisms 500 ml spray-bottle

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Quick and easy way to make rooms smell neutral again. Odor eliminator with microorganisms. Can be used for cars, apartments, etc. Eliminates odors such as smoke, musty, milk, etc.
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    100% odor neutralization of:

  • Smoke odor
  • Pet odors
  • Fecal or urine odors
  • Milk odor
  • Vomit odor
  • Rotting and decomposition odor
  • Mold and mildew odor

    Applicable in

  • Houses, apartments, offices
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, toilets
  • Basements, oil basements
  • Vehicle interiors
  • Trailers, RVs
  • All kinds of textiles
    • Curtains
    • Upholstery & cushions
    • Carpets
    • Drapes
    • Clothing
Made in Germany

Odor remover against nicotine odor, musty odor, animal odors. Can be used in cars, apartments, etc.

Quickly and with little effort back to neutral indoor air

New Fresh Air is a versatile odor eliminator based on microorganisms that not only cover and bind odors, but also remove them permanently.

General information

Use New Fresh Air sparingly. Never spray surfaces completely wet, but only fog them lightly. The application should be repeated over several days to remove odors in the long term. A smell that gets worse at first is completely normal and part of the odor-removal process, which disappears after further treatments. Do not keep indoor spaces too wet after treatment.

Get rid of nicotine smell and other unpleasant odors in the apartment

The odor removal in the domestic apartment is very easy with New Fresh Air. A few sprays into the air are enough to create a neutral room climate.

Unpleasant odors caused by e.g. nicotine or cigarette smoke or also odors from the toilet which can spread in the apartment are effectively prevented.

Also for removing nicotine and cigarette smell from clothing
New Fresh Air can also be used on fabrics and especially on clothing. Thinly fog clothing and let it work for a moment. Also good to use before washing. Just spray well before washing and wash as usual.

Effectively eliminates odors caused by pets

Pets can sometimes be quite smelly, we know that too. Wet fur through rain? Sometimes the cat throws up or it goes next to the cat toilet. Or the smells from the cat toilets spread further than you would like? With New Fresh Air, these smells can be prevented without posing a health risk to humans or animals.

Elimination of mold and mildew odors, vomit odors and decomposition odors

Moisture in cellars can often lead to moldy or musty smells. Heating oil smells in the boiler room? No problem for our odor eliminator. Old cabinets can often take on strange smells. New Fresh Air also helps remove odors permanently. Of course, mold itself must be treated separately to exclude the health risks associated with mold.

Vomited smells are also effectively eliminated. The smells of decomposing animal carcasses or decay can also be neutralized.

Convert smoking cars to non-smoking cars

Never treat in the vehicle in blazing sun. Avoid temperatures over 35°C. Otherwise, the microorganisms will lose their effect.

Used car bought from a smoker, but not a smoker yourself? Or a car lent in which smoking then took place? With our odor remover, the odors of nicotine and cigarette smoke are easy to remove. For light odor contamination, one treatment of the vehicle interior is enough. The vehicle should be cleaned first of all, that is, the seats and upholstery should be washed, the instruments and plastic parts should be cleaned and the carpets should be cleaned. Do not forget the vehicle ceiling, on which a large part of the nicotine often settles. After the basic cleaning, New Fresh Air is sprayed onto all surfaces in the vehicle at a distance of about 30 cm. It is recommended to switch the ventilation system to recirculation so that the nicotine odor deposited in the ventilation system is also treated.

Keep the vehicle closed for half an hour and check the result. If a residual odor is found, we recommend repeating the treatment. A stronger odor is a good sign (odor degradation process), but it also means that additional treatments are needed.

Application in buildings:

The odor eliminator is sprayed obliquely into the room or sparingly from a distance onto walls and ceilings or onto surfaces and allowed to work for a short time. Movement in the room air can help with distribution.

Caution: on smooth floor surfaces there may be an increased risk of slipping after spraying. Excessive spraying can lead to film formation.

Use product safely. Keep cleaning agent out of reach of children and store in the original container only, separate from food.

Contains microorganisms. Products containing microorganisms must not be used in combination with highly acidic, alkaline or disinfectant cleaners as these destroy the effect of the enzymes and microorganisms.

In principle, test this product for compatibility on an inconspicuous area before use. Any liability for any damage that may occur is waived if the product is used improperly.

Ingredients in accordance with EC Regulation 648/2004: less than 5%: NTA, nonionic surfactants, fragrance.

Contains microorganisms

The effect may be restricted on leather.

Information on ecology:
The microorganisms used are non-pathogenic bacteria of Risk Group 1 (classified according to the BioStoffV 2000/54/EC, TRBA 466) Risk Group 1: No risk to humans and vertebrates according to current scientific knowledge.

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Nachdem ich die ganzen lobeshymnen gelesen hatte, war ich Feuer und Flamme und musste es haben. Deshalb auch gleich 1,5 Liter bestellt. Als es da war, hab ich es getestet. Was ich absolut als negativ ansehe, ist der Schmierfilm der sich auf Böden und Flächen niederlegt. Viele schreiben, dass sie damit Wände Textilien etc eingesprüht haben ... Bei diesem klebrigen Film - nee lieber nicht. Ich habe gehofft den Zigaretten Geruch aus der Wohnung zu bekommen - leider erfolglos. Dabei wird das Produkt so gelobt. Naja nun hab ich 1.5 Liter hier stehen und werde es wohl verschenken.

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