CORROXOL® additive for mobile and camping toilets

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Sanitary fluid concentrate for mobile toilets. Promotes the decomposition of feces and toilet paper by microorganisms.
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Corroxol is an effective sanitary additive for the septic tank. Liquefies and breaks down feces. Reduces odors on a natural basis, without the use of formaldehyde or quaternary ammonium compounds. Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and reduces gas formation. Corroxol is biodegradable and does not require labeling. Corroxol is suitable for all chemical toilets in caravans, boats and on campsites.

Application and dosage:

Shake well before use! For portable toilets, 50-75 ml of Corroxol is used per 10 liters of tank volume. Add the corresponding amount of Corroxol to the sewage tank and then add enough water (3-4 liters) to cover the bottom. Do not pour into the fresh water tank or mix with other sanitary accessories. The recommended dosage is enough for 4 days on average at max. 40°C. Avoid overdose as this does not increase the effect! If the temperatures are higher, shorten the emptying interval if necessary. Only empty the tank contents into disposal facilities provided for faeces. Do not bring into waters or soil.
Physical Data
Color blue / green: blue / green
Consistency liquid
Smell blue / green Fresh / Forest fresh
pH (concentrate) approx. 6.5
Density approx. 1.0 g/ml
Storage instructions: Store the product between -20°C and max. 40°C. If stored as specified, this product is at least 2 years shelf-stable.

Ecology: The product and the washing raw materials (surfactants) used meet the requirements of the legislator with regard to biodegradability.

This product is not subject to labeling according to GHS criteria.

Ingredients according to EC recommendation: <5% anionic surfactants, microorganisms, preservatives, perfume.

Use product safely. Store cleaning agent in original container and protected from children.

Dispose of container only when completely emptied in the waste disposal system.
This information is provided without obligation and may not be used as the basis for any claim against us. We reserve the right to make changes in the course of technical progress and operational development. The buyer is obliged to carry out careful property tests. Users must also check the compatibility of materials not mentioned. We do not accept liability for damages resulting from improper use.

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