dipure® TOP Glasses Cleaner

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The dipure® TOP glasses care really knows what it's doing. Our goal? To create the best possible cleaning and care for glasses. Did we achieve that? We say yes! Just convince yourself! The TOP glasses care is ideally suited for cleaning and caring for glasses (also sunglasses, diving glasses), visors, screens, etc. It can also be used very diluted as a window cleaner for windows and car windshields. Very practical!
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  • Available immediately
  • Polycarbonate compatible
  • Anti-fogging effect
  • Repair effect for micro-damages
  • Surface smoothing and sealing
  • Silicone-free
  • Environmentally friendly
Made in Germany

The dipure® TOP glasses care has it. Our goal? Create the best possible cleaning and care for glasses for us. Did we do that? We say yes! Just convince yourself!

dipure® TOP glasses cleaner is excellent for cleaning and caring for all kinds of glasses (also sunglasses, diving glasses), helmet visors, lenses and other optical glasses, screens as well as windows and car windows. It can be mixed with water to create a cleaning solution for larger glass surfaces such as windows and car windows.


  • Glasses, sunglasses
  • Diving masks
  • Helmet visors
  • Mouth mirrors
  • Photo & film lenses
  • Car windows, mirrors
  • Smartphone and tablet screens
  • CRT & TFT monitors
  • Television screens

Instructions for use:

Spray Top Cleaner onto the surface to be treated and wipe dry with a soft paper towel.

10 advantages for optimal care

1. Anti-fog
No fogging in case of humidity and temperature changes. A daily treatment is sufficient for effective long-term protection.

2. Silicone-free
Residue-free, thorough cleaning of all welding, dirt, hair spray, fat and silicone deposits.

2. Silicone-free
Residue-free, thorough cleaning of all welding, dirt, hair spray, fat and silicone deposits.

3. Repair effect on micro-damage
The repair effect eliminates fine damage. With coarse damage, the optical impairment is reduced to a minimum, sometimes even completely eliminated.


2. Schutz vor Korrosion
Die Beschichtung schützt die Oberfläche vor Korrosion. Die Korrosionsbeständigkeit ist abhängig von der Art der Beschichtung und den Eigenschaften des Untergrunds. Die Korrosionsbeständigkeit von pulverbeschichteten Metallen ist in der Regel höher als die von lackierten Metallen.


2. Protection against corrosion
The coating protects the surface from corrosion. The corrosion resistance depends on the type of coating and the properties of the substrate. The corrosion resistance of powder-coated metals is usually higher than that of painted metals.

4. Dirt repellent
A dirt-repellent layer reduces the accumulation of dirt and makes cleaning easier.

5. Surface smoothing/sealing
The intensive surface smoothing and sealing makes the treated area more resistant to environmental stress, minimizes the risk of scratching and allows raindrops to bead off without residue.

6. Improving optical quality
dipure® TOP eyeglass care improves the optical quality of the treated surface and reduces scattering losses significantly, without negatively affecting the anti-reflective coating of optical glasses.

7. Bio Base
Dipure® TOP eyeglass cleaner is excellent for cleaning high-quality and anti-reflective plastic or glass surfaces gently. It does not contain any aggressive substances.

8. Cleaning Bath
For jewelry or glasses that are particularly dirty, we recommend a cleaning bath. For this, mix 9 parts of about 30°C warm water with one part of dipure® TOP eyeglass care and place the item to be cleaned in it for about 5 minutes. You achieve almost the same effect as an ultrasonic bath.

9. Glass cleaner (for windows and windshields)
Mix two TopCleaner caps with about 1 liter of water. You get an optimal cleaner for all glass and plastic surfaces, which allows you to clean streak-free and smear-free in no time. A 250 ml bottle of Top Cleaner yields about 20 liters of cleaning agent

Ingredients: < 5% anionic surfactants and auxiliaries.

Use the product safely. Keep cleaning agents out of reach of children.

area of application: Brillen & optische GläserFenster & Autoscheiben
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