Odour Neutralisers

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Effective odor removers / neutralisers for the long-term elimination of e.g. cat urine odor, nicotine odor or the smell of cigarette smoke, burn odors, mold and mold odors but also sweat odors in a wide variety of places and surfaces, such as B. Odor in the room air, on wallpaper or in textiles.

The types of odor removers

Odor removers are often referred to as odor killers, odor neutralizers or odor removers.

Odor removers are the modern way to remove odors that have no clear or difficult to remove cause, or are just persistent. These are products and agents that either bind, decompose or absorb odors. They can be used for odor control in homes, vehicles and workplaces.

Odor removers that bind odors are agents that attach their own molecules to the odor molecules and thereby change the “structure” of the odor. As a result, the smell is either no longer perceptible by our nose or more easily decomposed by substances and organisms in the air.

Decomposing odor removers use e.g. B. Enzymes (like enzyme cleaners) to break down molecules into different components. The individual components can then be more easily metabolized by bacteria or other microorganisms. This is similar to how we prepare some foods, as they would not be digestible raw.

Absorbent odor removers completely enclose the odor particles in order to make them unrecognizable to our nose or to prepare them for certain microorganisms.

Many of our odor removers work on the basis of enzymes and microorganisms. Therefore, the odor molecules are broken down by enzymes and then metabolized by microorganisms.

Microorganisms and enzymes to eliminate odors

In our opinion, microorganisms are the most modern and natural way to permanently eliminate unpleasant odors. Bacteria that occur in nature and are harmless to humans and vertebrates, permanently break down the odors.

There is no need to have any concerns. Even if the word bacteria triggers a negative feeling in many cases, almost all bacteria that occur naturally around us are completely harmless and not pathogenic, which means “non-contagious”. Only extremely few bacteria or microorganisms attack the cells of humans and animals. We couldn't even exist without bacteria. Our intestinal bacteria make it possible in the first place to absorb nutrients from our food.

Odors are basically nothing more than detaching molecules from an odor source, which enter our noses through the air. There they are absorbed by the mucous membranes. This then triggers the usual reaction. Unfortunately, this can rarely be ignored. Many smells can even trigger headaches and other symptoms.

Many naturally occurring microorganisms aim to metabolize the molecules in many unpleasant smells, which in simpler terms means that they feed on them. Of course, these molecules are invisible to our eyes. However, absolutely "visible" to our noses.

Fortunately, there are a variety of different odor removers that can make life easier. The right solution for every situation. If you are not sure which remedy is best for your odor problem, ask us!